• Team Tatsam

    Arvind Tangadi
    Arvind is not just an Electronics Engineer but is a gifted ‘word-wizard’.
    He has attended a 21 days’Translation course conducted by ‘National Translation Mission’, and a 2-day Intensive Translation Training workshop conducted by Tatsam Linguistic Services; and that has given him intensive exposure of the physiology of languages.
    He has worked on various assignments in Marathi and English language in all domains.
    Monali Patil
    Monali is a native Marathi-speaker working in the field of translation as a freelancer, for 2 years. Apart from working on translation of artefacts, she has worked on sub-title translation of movies and English serials (with script) for some major motion picture groups. Monali is a favourite with clients due to timely delivery, no compromise on quality and building of personal rapport through her urge and tireless perseverancefor perfection.

    Dnyanada Phadke
    A sincere enthusiast who enjoys working in Marathi, English and Hindi translation, localization, proof-reading and sub-titling! An engineer by education, her technical know-how gives her an upper hand in translations that require grass-root understanding of technical concepts.

    Tanvi Kher
    Tanvi is a financial editor and translator. A gold-medalist of English literature, Tanvi’s brilliance shines through her work too.
    She is passionate about languages and constantly seek avenues for sharpening her language skills.
    Alok Kelkar
    Alok is a Marathi speaker by birth and is working in the translation field as a freelancer for the past 2-3 years. He hasdone translations in Marathi, English and Hindi. He has translated educational books, medical booklets, subtitles for English serials and many more. Education and experience in hospitality industry, helps him quickly understand the client’s requirement. Speed is his second name.
    Sulekha Kane
    Sulekha is a native speaker of Marathi and well-versed in Hindi and Gujarati. Precise and timely work and eye for detail are her specialties. When she is not translating, you can find her in the kitchen, cooking intricate delicacies which underlines her prowess for craftsmanship.
    Rujuta Belsare
    Rujutais working as a translator since 2011. Now from last 2 years. She is trying to cultivate her passion into profession. She has worked for varied types of content from technical to spiritual.
    She is native speaker of Marathi and works for Marathi, English and Bengali. She believes in the quality of work and leaves no stone unturned to get concepts in source text clarified to the minutest detail, before taking up translation.
    Dhanashri Bhate
    Dhanashri is a native Marathi speaker with 18 years of software development experience. She has been working as a freelancer in language services domain for English-Marathi pair and provides multiple services- Translation, transcription, proofreading.
    Her experience includes content areas like blog, user guides of mobile applications, educational, agricultural, spiritual and generic content. Ambition and excellence rightly describe Dhanashri!
    Achala H S
    Achala is native speaker of Kannada and a great asset to Tatsam Linguistic Services. A lawyer by education, she has a specialization in Business Law.
    She has handled various types of translations in English and Kannada. Along with various document translations. She has expertise in Legal field, and majorly working in MS Office & Prado.
    Some of her major projects are:

    • Translation of various judgments from lower court to high court.
    • Various consumer court and claim translations.

    She loves travelling and observing linguistic plurality and that gives her a special eye into nuances of different languages.
    Chirag Deshpande
    A journalist by education, Chirag shoulders Marathi-English translations with ultimate ease. Excellent vocabulary, natural flair for language and timely delivery are some feathers in his hat.
    Chirag has previously worked in the editorial team of a Marathi monthly magazine named Maha Anubhav. During that period, also worked as part-time translator for about 3 years. Now working as a full-time freelance translator and works in multiple domains.
    He has also made e-books for Amazon’s kindle on freelance basis.
    Dr. Gayatri Kulkarni
    Dr. Gayatri, a gynaecologist by education, is a wonderful asset to Tatsam. She is a native marathi speaker working as a translator in translation field for 2 years. She has done Hindi, Marathi and English translations of both, general topics and being a doctor, of medical documents.