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    Ph.D. Linguistics, M.A. Linguistics, B.A. English, Hindi Pandit, Sanskrit Visharad, NET in Linguistics

    Work experience:

    Translation of philosophical, medicinal books, technical manuals, several birth-certificates, marriage-certificates, shop-acts, legal agreements, land-deeds, satbaras etc. Content writing for brochures, newsletters, websites etc. Language evaluation for Google India Pvt. Ltd. Transcription of several recordings in Hindi, Marathi and English.

    Once with Tatsam…always with it as we serve you ‘as you like it’…. ‘tat’ ‘sam’new

    Tatsam Linguistic Services was launched in September 2004 and has an ascending clientele. Tatsam is a one-house solution to all activities and difficulties related to language. We shape your ideas into proper words giving them an appropriate register and authentic approach. Tatsam is equipped to provide anything and everything with language.

    Tatsam has a team of translators working in Indian and foreign languages and quality is our second name. Once you entrust a responsibility to us, there is nothing to worry. Easy approachability, precision, accuracy, speed and reasonable pricing are our specialties.Tatsam has satisfied a heterogeneous clientele and is determined to make every job linguistically perfect.

    Dr. Mrinal Dhongde of Tatsam Linguistic Services was awarded the ‘Professional Translator of the Year 2012′ award by BITS India Pvt. Ltd., a renowned translation company for remarkable contribution in the field of translation.